samedi 24 juillet 2010

Alive and kickin' !

I went a loooong time without updating. There have been an awful lot of things happening left and right and it all boiled down to me reassessing what road I want to take. There has been a shift of focus in things I want to do and this will reflect heavily in what I will put in the Serpentaires blog and shop in the future. But don't panic : there WILL be new things.

I haven't been idle theses past months. I worked my way through dry-point, etching and linocut techniques, discovered I have about zero interest in lithography, and had one of my pieces selected for the art school's exhibition at the end of the year. It's an embossed version of the linocut below. Unfortunately I wasn't able to retrieve it before the school closed for summer - ad I also discovered prints are incredibly hard to scan and photograph. they look much, much better in real life.

There was also a lot of sewing, costuming and pattern-making, and you should expect a lot of that to show in the stuff I add to the shop in the future. There's actually a BIG project brewing and a new crew member in the Serpentaires team. You should go take a look at her work ! In the meantime, there have been a lot of "smaller" projects...

That's just a small part of it, actually. better pictures of two outfits are still waiting in my digicam. But I suspect that will be the content of another post, as it's meal-time for little G.
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