dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Prints vs. Printmaking and a Question

... also titled : "I'm EXCITED !"

One of the good things about getting a kid is that I can get a small allowance to stay home with him for six months after my maternal leave. Which I AM going to do. That will take me to about the end of the schoolyear. A whole schoolyear without work... That means I was finally able to take some classes at the art school. I had my eyes set on a nude drawing class for years (my Grandma was kinda kicking my butt on this one but it always clashed with my work schedule *sobs*), and when I started scheming this art classes plan after I got pregnant, I saw the art school also offered a *printmaking class*. AWESOME ! I wasn't able to attend the first two courses but yesterday I was able to leave the kid with his father, leave the house and just worry about learning printmaking stuff and doing art for four hours.


I was just experimenting with drypoint on plexiglass, without a real plan, but I'm already really, really happy with what I got. Now I have to buy some materials for the class... this is also my entry for this week' EST challenge, "Mythology". My only problem being that I'm not sure I want to put the first print I'm really happy with up for sale. :s

Gizeh, WIP

This is from the "prints" category, although it won't be technically a print, but a reproduction of a digital creation. I hope to finish it sometime this week. All the work with ink and paper is done, all that's left is the computerized magic.

And since we're talking digital, I'm begging for and advice from the crowd. My digicam is dying, and I want to upgrade to a DSLR. I want a Canon, because I want to be able to talk, get advice, compare and try lenses with Argyronete and our friend B, who both have a 450D (if I recall correctly). I'd need a standard lens, and maybe a macro one to take good macro pictures for the shop (and because macro is FUN :D ). Most of all, I'm hesitating between the 500D (which seems like a step up from the 450D, and isn't tha tmuch more expensive anymor) and the 1000D (which is a bit lower-class compared to the 500, but also a lot cheaper, so that I could splurge more on lenses). What do you people use ? What would you suggest ? I'm taking non-figurative pictures and some landscpae pictures when I'm doing the one-picture-a-day-thing (I've stopped trying to call it a 365 project until I actually manage to do one year in a row), close-ups of the items I'm putting up for sale, and well... baby portraits. Soon to be kid pictures.
My current pet peeves with my old Ixus, beside the fact that I have to hit it every time I turn it on to get the screen to work, are :
- no personalised adjusting of the white balance,
- horribly grainy pictures without natural light.

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Fishy dilemna

Under the sea
I drew this for last week's EST challenge but wrangling four kilos of screaming monster prevented me from finishing it in time to submit. And now that I can take a step back to look at it, I'm not sure anymore what I should turn it into. My original plan was to make the blue very light and use the pattern for a writing set. But I'm starting to think it would work great as a print as well. What do YOU think ?

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Christmas before Christmas

As I mentioned previously, I got a very, very lovely package from the Shop Swap &Blog. My package came from Amy from VintageFern, and I was soooooo excited when I found it in the mailbox !!!!
A package ?
I was so eager to open it I couldn't wait until I got back home, I opened it right in the car !
What's inside ?
Hmmmm What's this ?
What's this ?
A set of pretty pretty cards ! In some of my favorite colors, that's even better !
Cards !
And a big tote for me and even a awesomely cute onesie for G !
A tote and a lovely onesie for Gabriel !

Can I say awesome ? A-we-so-me ! Go have a look at Amy's shop and at her blog. I just adore her textile creations !

Let's see what she has to say about herself and her creations...

I am a stay at home Mom to 3 beautiful girls and I am very lucky to be married to my best friend.
I started my business because I love creating and I need to be busy. It's really just more of a hobby for me, it's just a plus that I can make money with it. I get to do what I love best, being creative !
Not sure if I could say just one favorite online shop, I love Etsy !

Thank you again Amy ! I wish you lots of success with your creatiosn on Etsy !

jeudi 12 novembre 2009

In lieu of an apology....

... I have been silent for a looooong time, and I owe at least one post to the "Shop Swap & Blog" organized by Pattie of Structured Chaos. Bad, bad blogger !

2009-11-12 My creative space

But look I managed to take a picture of my creative space ! Which, in turn, means there IS such a thing as a creative space, that is, something else than milk bottles, feeding times, diapers and falling into bed whenever the kid sleeps.... I can barely believe it.
Theses are the cards I had printed for Christmas and that I've started putting online on Etsy. It's a first batch, so I only did 25 of them and I'll see which designs work best. Actually, 10 of them are already taken (I just don't know exactly which ones), so grab some quick if you want them !

If you'd like to peek into other artists' creative spaces, check out Kootoyoo's blog !
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