samedi 17 octobre 2009

What to do on a week-end

It's already Saturday evening, but that doesn't matter much in the end when you're on maternal leave and your husband is on vacation, right ? Except for groceries shopping, all days are about the same. Yet I'm stealing Karuski's idea and posting what's on the plate for this week-end.
- buying fruit and veggies and chesse - done, thanks to the Home Geek
- having Lady Fi, her husband and Mel come over and be all awww and aaaaaah over Gabriel - done, and happy to have seen them
- pick up some more baby stuff - partially done, still need to go to the store for a scale
- list one item in the shop - done. For the first time ever, I'm putting an original for sale. The Happy Hippo print will come later.
- take care of Gabriel
- get some rest
- get some creative time if at all possible - well, a blog post is already something, right ?

This drawing was actually done before I left for the hospital, but I didn't have enough time to list it. It was my challenge entry from, wait... two weeks ago ? Something like taht... The theme was "This is for you", and this was an hommage to Renate from Kreativlink. Funny whimsy meets some degas-esque inspiration...

vendredi 16 octobre 2009

I have to learn to type and draw single-handed...

Here's the reason why I've been silent lately. We came home on Tuesday with our little Gabriel. He's really adorable, very calm and fuss-less. And he's, of course, the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Yes, I'm biased :)

lundi 5 octobre 2009

Monday Moodboard - a little bit of sunshine

It's grey out there, but here you have a splash of color ! By JKphotography, ZsBcreation, JuliaFelt and Binkaminka !
More moodboards ? Go check Fleur Fatale's blog !

dimanche 4 octobre 2009

A quiet weekend

The Serpentaires workshops haven't been very busy those past few days. Just a quick get-together for some tea and a chat, Lady Fi has been busy with some website designing and sewing custom orders, and I have mostly been waiting for the little alien to decide when he wants out of my bump, not sleeping at night and sleeping through the day.
During one of those sleepless nights I finally took the time to correctly set up our two other shops besides Etsy. So now we have a lil' shop on Zibbet, and a french shop with a blog on ALittleMarket.

Les ateliers Serpentaires n'ont pas été très actifs ces derniers temps, juste une petite causette autour d'une (ou deux) tasses de thé. Lady Fi a entre autres été occupée par la création d'une charte graphique pour un site web, et des commandes de couture, et j'ai surtout attendu que le petit alien se décide à pointer le bout de son nez, entre insomnies nocturnes et siestes diurnes.

J'ai mis à profit l'une de ces nuits sans sommeil pour enfin me pencher proprement sur nos boutiques en dehors d'Etsy. Nous avons à présent très officiellement une annexe sur Zibbet, et une BOUTIQUE EN FRANCAIS avec un blog attenant sur ALittleMarket. On nous en avait déjà fait la demande, il suffisait de trouver la plateforme qui nous plaise. Merci à Chichiboulie de nous avoir montré le chemin !
Cela veut surtout dire qu'à partir de maintenant, ce blog sera entièrement en Anglais et orienté vers nos boutiques en Anglais. Pour le blog en Français, c'est désormais par là !

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Just a quick note...

Monday evening has been a little chaotic, so I com-ple-te-ly forgot to post an official announcement here... The final winner for the "Life on Mars" challenge is LeelaBijou, and you can see the new theme with already a LOT of entries on her blog.
I'm working on my entry tonight. I'll have to tweak my original plan quite a bit, because I couldn't find one particular component at the nearest store and I don't think running around town in search of it is a good idea with the boy being due any day now*. So I'm trying to find some creative solutions and hoping I can get it done by Monday.
And I just realized now that I could use some green ribbon for my entry, but don't have any either, bummer... Though I could probably locate THAT easily.

* This ia also a kind of warning to my lovely readers, don't worry if this place goes silent for a while in the next few days ! :)

My creative space is on fire today !


See ? Quite litteraly ON fire.
This is not the place I usually most of my time in - although I do love to cook. But not to the point of spending all my productive time there. This is where I spent these last few days however. I am preparing meals and freezing them for the time after the birth when we will be very tired and trying to adjust to our life as new parents. I don't foresee much time for cooking then, pasta everyday does not sound that appealing, and the pizza place nearby has closed. Hence, I'm preparing homemade pizzas, salted cakes, and some dishes that are easy to cook in big quantities and taste better when reheated. I have one more rabbit to cook tomorrow, and an onion tart, and after that I'll probably have to stop because the freezer will be full. I feel very productive seeing the little boxes with the labels "blanquette" and "bourguignon" waiting for a lazy evening !

For more creative spaces, have a look at Kootoyoo's ! Come play with us !
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