jeudi 10 septembre 2009

My creative space

I've abandonned my desk and drawing desk and invaded the living room wiht my sewing gear. Can you guess what I'm working on ?

J'ai abandonné le bureau et pris possession du salon avec mon attirail de couture. Saurez-vous deviner à quoi je travaille ?

5 commentaires:

ingermaaike a dit…

My guess is that you are making a doll :-D

LeelaBijou a dit…

No clue, but it´s looking good!

Kirsty a dit…

Yes...I'm voting for a doll too.

Lola Nova a dit…

Can't wait to see the finished project. How mysterious!

Green Martha a dit…

@ kKirsty and Inger : more exactly, I'm working on threee dolls. The "mass production" is helping me streamline my process.

@ Leela and Lola : Thank you, I'll make sure to post more pictures along the way !

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