samedi 19 septembre 2009

New stuff ! Exciting ! Yay !!!

The title about sums up how I feel about the new line we're currently introducing in our shop. Yeah, I'm *that* excited about it. We have kid's birthday invitation and birth announcements lined up right now, with more to come and wedding invitations to be added.


Ever since I started working on our own wedding invitations, I got addicted to designing those. I'm very happy that the next month will provide me an opportunity to design another - a birth announcement -, but I have to many ideas to just narrow it down to one. So here it is, the new Serpentaires line of customized, print-your-own wedding and children stationery !

Rose Fairy

We dedided to go the print-your-own route as this is the greenest way in terms of shipping and also the most cost effective we can offer to our customers. Of course we are very, very much interested in any form of custom work in this line. Not just mere personalisation of an existing design, we'd be thrilled to work on a design from scratch following a client's desires !
The first ones will be in similar soft watercolor tone, but we have many more ideas. Stay tuned for more, including work by Lady Fi !

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

so cute are your designs. i like the way u express the invites! cool!

Kreativlink a dit…

So beautiful and cute! :)

BlueTerracotta a dit…

Adorable invitations!

Pattie a dit…

These invitations are the most precious!! I love them :)

Your artwork is amazing!

Green Martha a dit…

Wow ! Thank you all, I feel overwhelmed *blushes* That's great encouragement to work on more invitations an announcements, yay !

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