jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Danke Cay !

I got an award from the lovely Cay ! wOOt ! Thank you Cay !
Here's the (rough) translation from the award text :
You got and award and want to get it going round ?
Post the "Liebster Blog" (favorite blog) image and the instructions (this text you're reading right now). You should also link to the blog of the one who gave you the award and comment there to tell them you accept the award and give them the link to your award-post. Then thing about 3 to 5 b of your favorite blogs, link them in your post and tell the blog authors about the award as well.
The goal of this action is to give some exposure to good, still not so well-known blogs , so please don't link to blogs that already have 3000 followers, but to the talented beginner bloggers and the one who've already been blogging for awhile but aren't that big in the blogosphere yet.

You know guys, it's hard to choose ! There are so many blogs I love to follow... Some of those already got the award... Hmmm, ok, here's my choice, in different languages.
Femmes en 1900 - come on, drool with me !
Cotumière hystérique - awesome creations !
Etching birds - because I always learn something from there !
Le dressing de Mademoiselle de L'Isle - she's amazingly talented !

And now it's back to sewing.... or to trying to sew, as it appears I lost my bodice pattern - which I needed for the sleeves, frack !

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