mardi 2 juin 2009

The Lamp's name is Mario

The lamp

To me this little fellow is italian, there's no other possibility. Here's a glimpse of my first print series, Domestic Wonderland. These will be available as 8,3"x11,7" black&white prints once the shop opens. We're currently working on branding finalisation - logos, that kind of stuff. There's probably a blog make-over in the works as well. Stay tuned !

Pour moi, ce petit bonhomme est italien, forcément. Voilà un aperçu de ma première série d'illustrations, Domestic Wonderland. Elles seront disponibles au format A4 en noir & blanc dès que la boutique ouvrira. Nous sommes actuellement en train de finaliser les détails de l'identité visuelle - les logos et tout ça. Le blog va sans doute avoir droit aussi à une nouvelle façade. Restez en ligne !
The alarm clock

2 commentaires:

Alisa : Ink Caravan a dit…

Oh Wow, it sounds as if we are at similar stages. I am just about to open a shop and make some tweaks to my blog as well. Absolutely adore these illustrations, I'm sure your shop is going to do well.
All the best, Alisa

Green Martha a dit…

Love your drawings as well ! It's so nice to meet fellow artists. Where in the world are you from ?
Acutally the plan is to open the shop and share it with my two BFFs, but I seem to be the most productive, as both are very taken up by their jobs.

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