lundi 21 septembre 2009


I'm super-duper-mega happy ! I just won the European street team weekly challenge on Etsy. The theme given by Baahar was "Seven World Wonders", and the Babylon Print won. I am soooo happy ! Can you tell I'm happy ? Because I really, really am !
This means it's up to me to host this week's challenge. So the new them is...
*drumrolls please*

A short reminder of the "rules" for newcomers:
The deadline is next Monday 21:00 CET. It has to be something created for the challenge or at least finished and listed in this week. It can be showed somewhere else. Please, take at least one picture from your creation, upload it somewhere on the web and send me the link as convo on etsy.

And the entries already started rolling mere minutes after I announced the new theme !

Meteorite Necklace, by LeelaBijou

Life on Mars adjustable ring in moss green enamel, by FleurFatale

Life on Mars, Leather Journal, Suede, by Kreativlink

Traces of the past necklace, by Happyment

Life on Mars Heart Padlock Chocker, by dinafragola

Evidence of life on Mars keyholder, by barbarix

Mars Craters Red Crochet Beret, by heileen

Life on Mars Neck Warmer, by kraplap

Mars Earrings, by bijouxdellostregatto

Life on Mars felted bag, by ingermaaike

Life on Mars earrings, by gr8jewellry

Life on Mars bracelet, by staroftheeast

Black-white nuno scarf, by creationsbyeve

Life on Mars dangle earrings with black wooden beads, by karuski

10 commentaires:

karuski a dit…

Oh gosh, your theme is a tough one for me! But I will think about it:)

heileen a dit…

Félicitation ! Maintenant, tu sais pourquoi j'ai voulu l'acheter dès que je l'ai vu ! T'es une winneuse !

ingermaaike a dit…

Congrats and what a superb theme!

Kreativlink a dit…

Congrats!! I too am very much in love with the new theme :)

Anonyme a dit…

Yay, Serpen! Congrats on the win! :) Cool theme.

Chichiboulie a dit…

congratulations! and what a cool new theme

jealousydesign a dit…

Congrats! It is a great and fun theme!

APO (Bem-Trapilho) a dit…

congratulations! you totaly diserve it!

creationsbyeve a dit…

congratsulations!I have to do some brainstroming on the theme :)

ayatasarim a dit…

congrats:) great theme love it

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