jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Just a quick note...

Monday evening has been a little chaotic, so I com-ple-te-ly forgot to post an official announcement here... The final winner for the "Life on Mars" challenge is LeelaBijou, and you can see the new theme with already a LOT of entries on her blog.
I'm working on my entry tonight. I'll have to tweak my original plan quite a bit, because I couldn't find one particular component at the nearest store and I don't think running around town in search of it is a good idea with the boy being due any day now*. So I'm trying to find some creative solutions and hoping I can get it done by Monday.
And I just realized now that I could use some green ribbon for my entry, but don't have any either, bummer... Though I could probably locate THAT easily.

* This ia also a kind of warning to my lovely readers, don't worry if this place goes silent for a while in the next few days ! :)

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