samedi 17 octobre 2009

What to do on a week-end

It's already Saturday evening, but that doesn't matter much in the end when you're on maternal leave and your husband is on vacation, right ? Except for groceries shopping, all days are about the same. Yet I'm stealing Karuski's idea and posting what's on the plate for this week-end.
- buying fruit and veggies and chesse - done, thanks to the Home Geek
- having Lady Fi, her husband and Mel come over and be all awww and aaaaaah over Gabriel - done, and happy to have seen them
- pick up some more baby stuff - partially done, still need to go to the store for a scale
- list one item in the shop - done. For the first time ever, I'm putting an original for sale. The Happy Hippo print will come later.
- take care of Gabriel
- get some rest
- get some creative time if at all possible - well, a blog post is already something, right ?

This drawing was actually done before I left for the hospital, but I didn't have enough time to list it. It was my challenge entry from, wait... two weeks ago ? Something like taht... The theme was "This is for you", and this was an hommage to Renate from Kreativlink. Funny whimsy meets some degas-esque inspiration...

2 commentaires:

karuski a dit…

Nice to hear about your weekend. Sounds like you're quite busy with baby! I hope you have had some time for creative stuff too:)

Jessie a dit…

Haha! - great Degas inspired drawing!x

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