jeudi 12 novembre 2009

In lieu of an apology....

... I have been silent for a looooong time, and I owe at least one post to the "Shop Swap & Blog" organized by Pattie of Structured Chaos. Bad, bad blogger !

2009-11-12 My creative space

But look I managed to take a picture of my creative space ! Which, in turn, means there IS such a thing as a creative space, that is, something else than milk bottles, feeding times, diapers and falling into bed whenever the kid sleeps.... I can barely believe it.
Theses are the cards I had printed for Christmas and that I've started putting online on Etsy. It's a first batch, so I only did 25 of them and I'll see which designs work best. Actually, 10 of them are already taken (I just don't know exactly which ones), so grab some quick if you want them !

If you'd like to peek into other artists' creative spaces, check out Kootoyoo's blog !

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Your cards are very cute! :)
Wow, congrats on the sale of them.

Barbara a dit…

Lovely cards!

Diane a dit…

*waves hi* dont worry about us, we all know what you are busy with ^_^

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