vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Rise of the undead and what I do with patterns

So, my digicam-that-was-dead is again not-quite-dead-yet. Yay ! Proceed to rising not-quite-dead and well, pictures !

1873 pattern Mitten beginning

This is to prove that a) I have taken up knitting again for some last minute Christmas presents (the fingerless mitten shown in this picture has since been finished, as has her sister. But neither the light nor the baby were cooperating to take pictures of the finished objects) and b) I do strang ethings with patterns. Like...
- turn a scarf pattern into a pair of fingerless mittens (granted, I knitted the scarf last year)
- heavily butcher them (see exhibit A, my avant-garde gown,, a mix of a Truly Victorian and a Reconstructing History pattern
- lose them and sometimes find them when I don't need them anymore. I'm almost done with reconstructing a 1872 half-crinoline out of bits and bobs of period instructions. And last week I stumbled upon Laughing Moon's bustles patterns.
- lose them and never find them again, I have a chronical issue with Past Pattern's edwardian straight-fronted corset pattern. I KNOW I ordered it twice already. I just haveeno idea where both patterns went.

Inspite, or maybe because of this twisted relationship to patterns, I have every intention to make this pair's of mittens pattern widely available to the customers in our stores... When I have enough time to polish it up :)

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Diane a dit…

Most of my patterns are cobled together bits of old advertisements and scrappaperhelp together with scotch. Imagine trying to figure out what piece goes with which *grin*

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