samedi 12 décembre 2009

This blog just got a lot more interesting... *sarcasm off*

Not posting much lately, right ? The reason for that is currently sleeping next to me - he obviously decided to start the night early after babbling all day. :)
Let's see, what happened over the past few weeks... I took care of little G. I had my second printmaking workshop, printed a few more editions from the Medusa print I showed you last time. I took care of little G. I put up the Christmas tree. Took care of little G. Designed and printed the birht announcement cards (what ? Two months late ? No way ! Where did the time go ?) Took care of... See a pattern ? *broad grin* I have things in the works but it's taking me ages to finish them. And then, when I meant to take a few pictures to show you around my current life and even maybe *gasp* list something new... then... my digicam gave up the soul. And I still haven't ordered the new one - well I guess that's on the menu for tomorrow.

(I have my secret Santa's present under this tree, but I'll be strong, I'll wait until Christmas !)

But so that this doesn't sound like a pity party - which it frankly isn't. Really, I do have rough days when the kid is cranky for 15 hours straight, but today was amazingly good ! - well, so that you don't think I'm just drowning in exhaustion and post-partum depression, I have to thank the lovely lovely people who bought Christmas cards from me ! I have only 7 left, total, so if you want some grab them QUICK ! Lady Darkstone is coming on Tuesday and wants to buy some as well, so some designs will just be out of stock until next year !
Now to further assess that I'm on a roll, I am going to leave the kid in his father's care and grab my knitting needles for a last minute Christmas present. AND if this goes well, I might even open the "Knitting and Sewing" section of our shop in a few weeks (I'd say day, if it weren't for the kid and the looming holidays and assorted family visits).

4 commentaires:

Vivi a dit…

I remember two months very well, bravo for all you're able to do now!! Your trees are adorable, by the way!

Mam'zelle StyleBook a dit…

Joli sapin, mais moi je préférerais voir des photos du petit Gabriel qui grandit :)

En tout cas, félicitations, je suis épatée que tu arrives quand même à faire des choses pour toi en même temps que de t'occuper de Heimlich !


Diane a dit…

Little ones are a handful, that's for sure, but be sure to enjoy this time.It passes by so quick and is gone before you know it...and instead he is begging you for the car keys ;)

Green Martha a dit…

@ Vivi ; thank you ! The advocado tree is getting so big we don't know how it'll fit into the house next winter. I can barely believe just a few years ago it was just an advocado kernel !

@ Heileen ; je n'ai pas le choix, sinon je deviens zinzin !

@ Diane : when he's in a good mood he's sooo sweet and adorable, and actually really manageable. BTW, I saw you've been here for a while already, how about having tea/chocolate/something nice to eat and drink one of those days ? preferably in the new year, as what's left of this one is pretty crammed with visits and family and all that.

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