vendredi 26 novembre 2010


We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but I love the idea of, once in a while, reflecting about all the things that make our lives beautiful and wonderful...
I'm thank-full for my beautiful son. Two years ago I was standing in tears because some doc thought I would never be allowed to have children, and here I am, with a beautiful and charming one-year-old sitting on my lap while I type this, and expecting our second child.
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, always supportive, inspirationnal, and just as charming as his son. Over the years he's brought out the best part of me.
I'm thankful for all the matvelous friends I've met over the years.

I'm thankful for my hobbies, for the joy and light they bring into my life and the time I'm able to spend with them. I get to spend blissful hurs every week making art and learning about printmaking techniques (wait until I can show you my monotypes ! Monotypes are made of Awesomesauce !). I have an impressive collection of period material I can use as inspiration for my costume creations, and I have recently spent time scanning those pictures.

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